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About Me

We have all known that ONE kid in grade school whose name was continuously up on the board for talking. 


Hi. I'm that kid. 

I'm a thinker and a talker especially when I have ideas to share.  

Brainstorming with others are some of my favorite conversations to engage in because everyone has a different perspective that adds something to a growing idea. 

My creativity has been a constant since I can remember, and it flows into everything I do. From making up recipes on a whim to landscaping my entire backyard, my love to create is endless.  

Instead of giving you a list of hobbies or interests I think I'll leave you with three things I truly believe.  

  • 80's music crushes the current genre.

  • Halloween is the best holiday, period.

  • No insane story ever starts with someone having a salad. 

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